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diamond core bit

When drilling holes in hard rock, it is a good idea to use a diamond core bit. The device is effective and might help you make your holes more accurate. Additionally, it offers a flawless finish and is quite simple to use.

Surface set

Surface set diamond core bits offer the best tool life and penetration rate for drilling soft to moderately hard rocks. They come in a range of sizes and diamond qualities. They can also be packaged in steel frames, cardboard boxes, hardwood cases, or plastic sheets.

Surface set diamond bits, as opposed to impregnated core bits, are produced with real diamonds set within a matrix of hardened metal. Matrix corrosion is avoided by this matrix. It also maintains the diamonds' position.

There are numerous profiles for surface set bits, including the semi-round shape, which is the norm. Additionally, they come with a multi-step profile. Although it is suitable for drilling a variety of formations, the semi-round profile is not advised for drilling extensively fractured formations.

Impregnated diamond core bit can be replaced with surface set diamond core bits at a lower cost. In a tungsten carbide matrix, natural diamonds are used to create them. They can be shielded by anti-rust lubricants and are tough by nature.

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