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Drill pipe

Typically, drill pipe is about 27 to 32 feet in length and comes in different sizes, strengths, and wall thicknesses. It is also hollow, meaning that a drilling fluid can flow through it and down the hole.

Heavy-weight drill pipe

Heavy-weight drill pipe, often known as HWDP, is produced by DP-Master in a number of different configurations. It is possible to produce it as either a welded assembly or a machined integral product derived from bar stock. It is able to be produced in a range of sizes, including bespoke dimensions in response to specific demands from individual customers.

AISI 1340 steel is used in the production of the DP-Master high weight drill pipe tube as the standard material. It is well known that this grade of steel can withstand the NACE (tm)-0177 Method A test when it is conducted at 65% SMYS. It is also good for situations with low levels of H2S. A DP-Master standard heavy weight drill pipe assembly that features an extra long tool joint is also a possibility during the manufacturing process. The tensile strength of the drill pipe tube is increased as a result of this.

A heavyweight drill pipe has a wall thickness that is significantly more than that of a normal-weight drill pipe. In addition to that, it has an uneven center. The tube's life is increased as a result of the center upset, which also serves to keep the tube away from the wall of the well bore. The upset can also be designed with a spiral groove, which lowers the likelihood of the heavy weight drill pipe becoming stuck in the well bore. This is accomplished by increasing the surface area of the upset.

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