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core barrel

When conducting geotechnical core sampling, a core barrel is required. You must understand how to use it and maintain it stable in order to get the most out of your core sampling.

Sidewall coring

Sidewall cores, also known as "native state cores," are plugs of rock taken from the wellbore's side. They are utilized in oil exploration and reservoir analysis. They are one inch in diameter. They are created using a number of coring devices, depending on the type of rock in the reservoir.

Sidewall cores are very effective in unconsolidated and soft rock zones. However, they are not advised for most carbonates. When carbonates are subjected to cold temperatures, they deteriorate. This can damage cores, rendering them useless for lab testing.

Sidewall coring devices are typically controlled by a surface logging unit. These devices are capable of extracting samples from up to 90 different depths. The diameter of the cores obtained with the rotating sidewall coring tool ranges from one to 1.5 inches.

These core drill tool employ a diamond-tipped drill to separate individual plugs from the sidewall. The sample is then coated in aluminum foil and sealed in plastic wrap or ProtecCore sleeves. Some service providers freeze the cores before mailing them. The cores should be labeled with the operator's name and the depth of the sample.

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