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Drill stem

To enable the drilling fluid to flow down the hole during drilling, a wide variety of equipment types are employed. An annulus, drilling stems, drill pipe, drill pipe fittings, and other parts are all needed to permit fluid flow. These are used to direct the fluid through the well and can be built of steel, aluminum alloy, or other materials.

Flow / shut-in sequence of non-surface flowing DST's

Estimating flow rates is necessary for non-surface flowing DST flow/shut-in sequences. These flow rates can be computed using pressure information from the gauge located above the DST tool, or on the basis of the drill string's volume.

Typically, the initial flow period is brief. There is a longer flow period in the second. Prior to performing the test, the flow period is established. It's possible that the flow rate is not regulated during the build-up phase.

Pressures are measured as a function of time during the flow period. Normally, pressures on a log-log scale are flat. However, throughout production, pressure reactions frequently go up. Pressures may enter the radial flow regime during the build-up phase before the first point that is recorded. The skin effect is what is meant by this. The impact of friction in the production string must also be taken into consideration.

DSTs were initially created to distinguish between reservoir fluids. They were intended to gather accurate information about pressure rise, nevertheless.

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