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6 well casing

The production of water in a well is supported by a variety of casing types like the 6 well casing. The production casing, intermediate casing, and static lift casing are some of these. Using each type has a number of benefits. While the intermediate casing and static lift casing must be installed horizontally, the production casing can be installed vertically.

Static lift in a well

The bottomhole pressure can be decreased by using gas lift in a well casing or tube casing. It is not, however, the best lift technique. An air supply that can be pumped into the well to lift water would be a preferable alternative. However, in rural areas, this is frequently impossible.

An additional choice would be to conduct a flowing survey. As the well fills back up, this enables the water level to fluctuate. The well can be stabilized first, then this can be done.

The productivity index of a well is typically calculated over a 24-hour period. To determine this, divide the flowing bottomhole pressure (BHP) by the static bottomhole pressure (BHP). For every one psi of static bottomhole pressure, a well's production index (PI) typically equates to about one barrel of oil produced daily.

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