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4 concrete core bit

Utilizing a 4 concrete core bit is a terrific method to give your wood-chipping equipment more force and speed. The nice part is that there are a variety of solutions available nowadays. These include DEWALT and Norton Clipper bits, as well as SDS-Plus Carbide-tipped bits.

SDS-Plus Carbide-tipped bits

SDS-Plus Carbide-tipped 4 concrete core bits are ideal for drilling holes through concrete or block. The performance, longevity, and effectiveness of these bits are exceptional. They have four carbide cutting tips and a maximum drill depth of eight inches. They are compatible with the SDS Max rotary hammer drills produced by Bosch.

These bits are meant to extract concrete dust, thereby limiting exposure to harmful crystalline silica. Additionally, the four-cutter head design reduces carbide wear compared to two-cutter bits. Depending on the material, tips with a recess may be more efficient. This permits the bit to remain sharper for a longer period of time.

The integrated shank of these bits increases power transfer. In addition, they feature sliding grooves that boost drilling torque.

In addition to four cutters, these bits feature a centering pin. These bits can be used to bore huge holes through brick, concrete, and blocks. They can also be used to install wood and low-voltage cables. They range in size from 12 to 24 inches.

The SDS Plus series is a shorter and less aggressive variant. The shorter lengths of these bits allow them to drill through holes with a small diameter. Additionally, they are optimal for drilling closer to the edge.

The SDS Plus product line is also suitable for demolition applications. It's compatible with numerous jackhammers.

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