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4 inch core bit

Having the proper size core bit is essential for completing a task successfully. If you do not have the proper size core bit, it is possible that your entire project will fail. Here are some of the available choices when purchasing a core bit.

Mexx Power

It is possible to drill 8-inch holes in stone, brick, and reinforced concrete with the Mexx Power 4 inch core bit. A drill stand, a personal protection switch, and an overload prevention function are included. Additionally, it is the first drill in the industry to employ the new sandstone core bit.

The MexX Power Sb-205 Core Drill is an excellent diamond core drilling instrument. It is a diamond core drill designed for drilling 8-inch holes in stone, brick, and concrete. In addition, it has overload protection and an outstanding drill stand. Professionals that seek a high-performance diamond core drill should select this product.

Why choose CGE Group Wuxi Drilling Tools 4 inch core bit?

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