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rotary core drill

You should have a rotary core drill on hand whether you're a contractor looking to bore a hole in a hard rock or a geologist looking to bore a hole in a softer rock. You can drill holes in any kind of rock, including granite, limestone, and coal, using this equipment.

XY-1 core drill rig

One of the best core drilling tools is the XY-1 rotary core drill rig. It has a small size and is simple to use. It can be used for geophysical prospecting, sewage wells, pore water wells, water wells and diamond core drill.

This equipment's primary benefit is its strong torque at low speed. This equipment is therefore ideal for small-caliber diamond core. Additionally, the apparatus is lightweight. In mountainous areas, it is easily portable.

It is primarily used in engineering geology, hydro-geology, and geology. Additionally, it is utilized in mining, metallurgy, and civil engineering projects. It features a hydraulic chuck. It has the capacity to instantly control the hydraulic system's pressure. It has a meter as well. Both small and large diameter drills can be used with this equipment.

This equipment's hydraulic feeding system boosts drilling productivity. This equipment's cylinders are capable of supporting bit loads between 0 and 15 kN. This mechanism lessens the workers' labor intensity. Additionally, the apparatus has central handles. It can be used to drill holes in both earthen central air conditioning wells and concrete buildings.

Both diamond and cemented carbide can be used to drill cores with the core drilling rig. It has a lot of torque and is simple to maintain. Additionally, it can be used to drill holes through various layers.

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