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oil well casing

It can be difficult to select the appropriate oil well casing type, but it is essential to do so. There are three options available: Surface, Conductor, and Sump. In addition to providing some guidance on how to choose the appropriate type of casing for your project, this article will go over each type in greater detail.

Surface casing

During oil and gas boring activities, packaging is a significant part. It provides a smooth internal bore for the installation of production equipment and a sturdy upper foundation for a well. Also, it prevents groundwater, leaks, and contaminants from entering the well stream. Depending on the project, different layers of casing can be installed.

A series of steel pipes make up the well casing. These are laid out in layers to have a smaller diameter. Surface casing is the first type of casing string.

From the surface to the mudline, it is a network of pipes. Fluids won't leak into the clean groundwater as a result of this. The base for blowout preventers is also made of the string. Surface casing can be anchored back to the mud-line and is typically cemented to the surface.

Surface casing is also installed to stop water from leaking into the fresh groundwater from the wellbore. It stops oil from entering groundwater zones.

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