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granite drill bit

If you want to drill a hole in a piece of granite or any other kind of stone, there are a few things you should know about the various kinds of granite drill bits.

TiN coated drill bits

Regardless of the task at hand, it is critical to select the appropriate kind of drill bit. If you make the appropriate decision, it's possible to boost productivity and get instruments that are more durable.

Today, consumers may choose from a wide variety of drill bits made from materials ranging from high-speed steel to aluminum. If you make the proper decision, you may avoid wasting money on the wrong materials and ensure that you have the appropriate tool for the task at hand.

Titanium is a popular material for use in diamond drill bit for granites, and it is widely used in the aerospace and medical industries. They have a great resistance to corrosion and are able to withstand tremendous weights without breaking. These drills are able to run at a quicker speed than uncoated drills because they have a TiN coating on them. On the other hand, they cannot be sharpened in any way.

HSS drill bit for granite and marbles can be upgraded to cobalt drill bits. They have a greater tensile strength and are able to function in temperatures that are higher. They are not suited for use in general, but they perform exceptionally well when cutting tough materials such as different kinds of stainless steel. In addition to that, they are very fragile. On the other hand, their prices are significantly more than those of TiN.

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