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Borewell casing

In terms of drilling a borewell, one associated with important aspects to consider is casing. CGE GROUP borewell casing is the process of installing a plastic or steel pipe into the borewell to protect the well from falling down and the surface water or unwanted materials avoid from going into the well. It's also critical in maintaining the structure regarding the borewell and making sure that it remains functional for quite some time.

Borewell casing is the method of inserting a tube in to the drilled borehole, bedrock or any other subsurface formation. The casing tube is put into the borehole surrounding the drilled bore and is protected and sealed using materials that are specialized techniques. The casing produce an outer layer of protection for the borehole and is an component that is essential for many water wells, oil wells, and geothermal wells.

Forms of Borewell Casing

There are two main kinds of borewell casing for sale in the market, namely CGE GROUP casing pipe for borewell and steel casing. Both have their characteristics that are own advantages which have to be viewed while seeking the right one for the borewell.

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