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steel well casing

Whether you are replacing an existing well casing or installing one for the first time, you may choose from a variety of casing types. These include steel well casing, fiberglass well casing, and PVC well casing, among others. These various styles of well casing can offer a variety of benefits and drawbacks.

PVC vs steel

Whether you are replacing your well casing or constructing a new one, there are a number of factors to consider. This includes the cost of construction, the geology of the area, and the chemistry of the water. There are also available insurance choices.

A private water well should undergo annual water testing. An expert may evaluate your alternatives and offer the optimal solution for your needs.

Steel and PVC are also frequently utilized as casings. While PVC is less expensive and simpler to install, steel is more resilient. It is resistant to the high temperatures produced by cement grouting. However, it rusts easily. Using a paint that is resistant to corrosion on the above-ground casing will reduce the growth of rust.

Steel is a durable material that will provide decades of service to a well. During the installation procedure, it will not crack. However, rust will grow on the surface following installation.

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Steel has been the material of choice for water well building for the past century. It is resistant to high temperatures and robust enough to withstand the arduous conditions of water well digging. However, steel casing has disadvantages and is not always the best option.

Casing material is selected based on the geology of the region, the function of the well, and its cost. Some wells are drilled into solid rock, although the vast majority require surface casing. This prevents surface water and debris from entering the water directly.

In many places, the price of steel well casing has risen dramatically over the past few years. This is related to the growing demand for building materials. The price per linear foot of 16- and 18-inch diameter well casing increased from $20 to $75.

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