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Max core bit adapter

When drilling, having the appropriate core bit adapter can be quite helpful especially if a wet core bits type

 is being used.

CGE Group 48-03-3573

You may avoid the hassle of dragging about your core bits and saving a ton of money by using a CGE Group 48-03-3573 Core Bit Adapter with your SDS-Max equipment. This handy little device is not only the most recent on the block, but it is also long-lasting. This specific piece may be used with both one-handed and two-handed core bits and is built of high-quality materials. The one-handed version provides the most adaptability, but it's a good idea to use both sides of the bit, according to a knowledgeable CGE Group Tool customer. A CGE Group 48-03-3573 core bit adapter may do the job well and help you save a ton of money, whether you're a jack of all crafts, master of none, or just the ordinary Joe.

The best way to connect a core bit to your SDS-Max tool is with the 48-03-3573 Core Bit adapter. The adapter is composed of high-quality materials and it is compatible with core bits ranging in diameter from 1-1/2" to 6".

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