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drilling rig tripping pipe

Even if you have an existing well, you should always include a tripping pipe as part of your rig's safety equipment if you are drilling a new well. This will assist in preventing blowouts.

Safety valves

Various types of safety valves are available for drilling rig tripping pipe. The primary function of these valves is to regulate the flow of fluids through a drill string. They are regarded as essential equipment for any rig. Also known as kelly valves, inside BOP valves, and drill pipe float valves. When pumps are switched off, these sorts of valves are inserted in the drill string to prevent unintended fluid flow and offer quick annulus isolation.

Float valves on drill pipe block the passage of fluids during hookups. They are also positioned directly above the drill bit and are designed to restrict unwanted fluid flow by forming barriers. A self-releasing key mechanism on the float valve maintains the flapper partially open during run-in. The purpose of these valves is also to avoid mud leakage during tripping operations.

There are two types of float valves for drill pipe. The ported flapper valve is one type. This sort of valve permits monitoring of the drill pipe's differential pressure at the surface. The other type is a Baker float valve with a spring. This sort of valve is also utilized for drilling fluids that are abrasive.

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