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drill steel pipe

Drilling steel pipe like oil drill pipe may be a necessary component of your toolkit depending on the type of work you do. It may be necessary for a number of tasks, such as drilling holes in the ground or digging a well.

Heavy-weight drill pipe

Heavy weight drill steel pipe (HWDP) or heavyweight drill pipe is a product that DP-Master provides in standard sizes as well as the ability to create unique solutions for particular needs. HWDP is made to lessen the possibility of fatigue failures while down hole drilling operations are being conducted. Additionally, it aids in lowering down-hole torque. It has a substantial wall and a raised center. For heavy weight drill pipe, DP-Master has created exclusive sour service grades that provide improved resistance to sulfide stress cracking.

Steel meeting AISI 1340 specifications is used to make heavy-duty drill pipes as standard. It has a pin for the tool joint. Additionally, it has an upset that is situated in the tube's center. By preventing the tube from adhering to the hole wall, this disruption also offers additional defense against fatigue failures.

Additionally, the down hole torque has been decreased by the design of the DP-Master heavy weight drill pipe. This pipe has longer collars and thicker walls. Additionally, it has a raised section in the middle that protects the wellbore. It is produced in accordance with API Spec.7/7-1 specifications.

HWDP is produced as a solid bar or as a welded assembly. Friction welding a thick well tube to an extra-long tool joint creates the welded assembly. The inside diameter of the drill pipe is equal to the wall thickness of the welded HWDP. DP-Master provides welded HWDP in a range of strengths. High strength applications are ideal for the DPM-HW95 and DPM-HW105.

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