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70mm core drill bit

A 70mm core drill is an excellent tool for collecting subsurface data. These cores are used to assist determine the origin of a surface and the depth of a rock formation. These cores have been used for ages. The ancient Egyptians utilized a 70mm core drill for this purpose.

Ancient Egyptians used 70mm core drills

The use of a concrete coring drills to hollow out a sarcophagus is not a new invention, but the ancient Egyptians were using it long before the Western world. They would have been aware of the device's efficiency and the relative expense of its fabrication.

The 4th Dynasty is the earliest record of such a gadget. A 1.3 kg basalt shard was discovered at the Petrie Museum, but it had been utilized prior to the global calamity. It was made of a material that would have been costly to get, and the ensuing hole would have been invisible.

The stone vessel drill was a far more elegant and sophisticated technology. It was made up of a wooden shaft, a crank to turn the drill, and a fork to hold the drill bit. The nets were holding a heavy load of stones, making the apparatus weighty, but it worked.

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