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6 inch core bit

There are many different types of  6 inch core bit that you can use for your projects, whether you're a professional or a hobbyist. You can choose from a wet drill core bit or a diamond segmented core bit to suit your needs.

Hubsqvarna Banner Line Diamond Core Drill Bit 6-Inch

The Husqvarna Banner Line diamond core drill bit is made of thin wall tubing and is intended for general purpose drilling. This makes the bit lightweight and simple to handle. For a quick, smooth cut, the Diagrip(tm) technology arranges diamonds in a three-dimensional configuration. Additionally, this technology offers longer product life and improved cutting capacity. The Banner Line Series provides top-notch quality at a reasonable cost.

Granite, marble, and stone can all be efficiently drilled with the Husqvarna Banner Line Diamond Core Drill bit. This bit is suitable for concrete with light to medium steel reinforcing and has a good core life. Additionally, it is available in a range of core bit sizes, including one that can be used with hand drills. Thread sizes for the Banner Line Handheld Bit range from 5/8" to 11", and its core travel is 10". The Husqvarna Banner Line Diamond Core Bit is a versatile and practical piece of machinery thanks to the thin wall tubing. It is compatible with equipment from other manufacturers and can be used with Husqvarna Construction tools.

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