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5 inch casing pipe

Certain things must be considered when using a well drilling pipe. Build-up rate, Drag force, and Perforations are some of these factors.

Drag force

During the drilling of a horizontal well, the drag force of a casing pipe can be extremely high. This force is created by a combination of drag, tensile, and compressive forces. It can cause catastrophic casing failure in horizontal wells.

Using an open-ended horizontal casing string, we explored the importance of casing drag force in this study. This string is made up of a 5", 18-pound casing pipe.

Stokes' law is used to calculate the drag force. This law expresses the link between an object's drag and tensile forces. To calculate the drag force, you must first know the relative velocity of the object as well as the drag angle. In a nutshell, the drag angle is the angular difference between the velocity of the object and the force applied on it.

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Wellbore sliding friction

It is essential to investigate the effects of perforations on the wellbore and casing while drilling horizontal wells. Perforations can lower crushing resistance and hence increase productivity. A hole with a thicker skin gives a higher production rate, whereas a perforation with a thinner skin distributes pressure drop across a larger area.

The magnitude of the crushing resistance reduction caused by perforation is calculated. It is then multiplied by the overall design safety factor to obtain the pipe's design safety factor. This number determines the type of casing pipe to be used.

The best wellbore sliding friction for 5 inch borewell casing pipe is determined by the contacting material and the type of mud. It ranges from 0.2 to 0.4.

After running-in, a casing string may incur severe collapse. The drag force on a casing string is also affected by the mud employed.

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