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150mm core drill bit

150mm core drill bit can be an excellent choice for drilling concrete, brick, hollow concrete block, hebel, and granite. These drills are made of steel, aluminum, and composites, and they are available with SDS and hexagon shanks.

SDS or hexagon shanks

Depending on the application, select the appropriate core drill bit shank for your 150mm core drill. The right shank can make the difference between drilling a smooth hole and one that is messy, regardless of whether you are drilling a concrete wall, a brick paving slab, or another hard surface.

Each side of a shank is three. The three sides cooperate to assist in torque transmission. An alternative to the standard hex shank is a square or triangle shank.

Additionally, router bits utilize a shank. The chuck's three sides and the drill bit's three sides are matched. At the shank's end, the drill chuck has sliding keyways. These keyways are matched to the keys in the throw to pivot the drill.

Some chuck systems are made for heavy-duty work, while others are made for hammer drilling in stone. SDS chucks are designed to meet professional needs. Spring-loaded balls hold them in place and prevent the bit from slipping.

The non-circular cross-section of SDS shanks improves the bit's ability to hammer. As a result, it performs better. Additionally, the SDS shank is less likely to slip during rotation.

Shanks for the SDS Plus and SDS-Max are interchangeable. Larger rotary hammer drills are more compatible with the SDS-Max. Its larger diameter aids in preventing the bit from slipping in applications requiring high torque.

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